1. GENERAL MANAGER The General Manager is accountable and responsible for all the activities, and administrative and financial affairs of the Insti...

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Dinamina Paper Article on 23.11.2021.

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JEDB workers appreciation awards ceremony. 2021/04/01

JEDB Chairman, Rtd. Wg. Cmdr. Buwaneka D. Abeysuriya presents a ‘Jana Tea’ pack to Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage at the JEDB workers a...

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Two brand new Tractors for JEDB Estates.

JEDB chairman Mr. Buwaneka Abeysuriya symbolically handed over Two Massey Ferguson 240, tractors for the use of JEDB Estates to the General Manager at...

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Meeting with the Agriculture Minister.

A meeting on the main identities, current status, and proposed solutions of JEDB held by the Ministry of Agriculture was held on 01.02.2021 at the Min...

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ජනවසම සභාපතිතුමන්ගේ වසරක අභිමන්…………

ජනවසම සභාපති ගරු බුවනෙක අබේසූරිය මැතිතුමන් පාඩු ලබමින් දිනෙන් දින කඩා වැටෙමින් තිබු ජනවසම හා බැදෙමින් නේකවිධි කම්කටළු සහ අභියෝග ජයගනිමින් ජනතා වතු සංව...

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New Chairman

Rtd.Wg.Cmdr. Buwaneka D Abeysuriya was appointed as the new Chairman of the Janatha Estates Development Board was held under the patronage of Hon. Min...

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JEDB Tea Ads

ජන ‌තේ

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